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The Birth of a Product

2022 reintroduced a new, highly competitive market to mortgage.  Our clients discovered quickly that to be competitive, they needed to rethink the way they were engaging with today's consumer, who on average will visit three sites before selecting a lender.  Millennials and GenZ homebuyers collectively make up over 52% of potential borrowers, and insist on access to technology to help understand their loan options before turning to a professional they can trust. When they don't get it, they go elsewhere.

Out of this sentiment, RateSpan was born.  It offers consumers instant, personalized mortgage rates, fees and the total cost of available loan options via a  simple solution embedded on the mortgage company website.  No personal information is required to search - the goal is to keep borrowers on your site, provide them a modern and transparent experience, learn what they care about, and use that process to build a trusted relationship.  The longer they stay, the higher the probability they will apply for a loan with you; by using their data to tell the story, you will close more loans. 


While this runs counter to how most lenders operate, research overwhelmingly shows  this dramatically improves engagement and lowers abandonment rates.  This leads to happier clients, more loan applications and closed loans, and a better bottom line.

RateSpan is one of many innovative solutions and services we offer in our data-driven family of companies and services.  Our deep and successful experience helps mortgage companies fill the space between their operational capabilities and the realities they must deliver.

About RateSpan

About RateSpan

With borrowers comparing lenders more than ever, you need a way to capture and build the confidence and trust of every prospect who makes it to your site - without a huge development project or investment. 

RateSpan provides this by offering instant access to personalized rates and fees as well as the associated closing costs.  With just a few clicks, a borrower can explore preferred loan options, then proceed directly to application.  For those needing more time or understanding, RateSpan can connect them to experts on your team that can provide them the information and comfort they need until they are ready to move forward.  It's a recipe for a vastly improved client experience.


RateSpan is embedded directly into your site, and can easily be configured to your company and operation.  Key features include:

  • Precise: The most complete set of data available on the market

  • Detail delivered in convenient List or Card format

  • Can deliver a seamless handoff to POS systems

  • Can be implemented in hours

  • Success-based or fixed fee pricing options; no long-term contracts required

For an incredible value with an unbelievable ROI, call today to get started!


Tim Armbruster

Tim Armbruster

Chief Executive Officer

Tim is the CEO of RateSpan and co-founder of its parent company, Grind Analytics. Tim has extensive leadership experience in data, technology, compliance and customer systems ranging from F500 to Startups.

Mark Range

Mark Range

VP Applications Development

Mark is the VP of Applications Development for RateSpan and its parent company, Grind Analytics, and has worked extensively with Mortgage companies throughout his career. He is recognized for his expertise in creating innovative business intelligence and data products and knowledge of the mortgage ecosystem.

Meet The Team

Our Solutions

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Software Development Services

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner with Data Analytics Competency and decades of leadership experience at some of the most notable names in Financial Services. Partner with our team of world-class business and technology experts to address your toughest challenges and lingering roadmap demands.

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