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Tim Armbruster

Chief Executive Officer

Tim has extensive leadership experience with four prior CTO roles and one CEO role with stints at Grind Analytics, Cloud Virga, Woodfinn, One Trust Home Loans, First American and ClosingCorp, where he received national recognition and innovation and service awards from Inman, October Research, Mortgage Technology, and others for his creation of the SmartGFE (now SmartFees) platform.

He led teams and initiatives on several notable industry platforms including RELS, FAWS, and several other joint ventures for First American. Tim is versed in numerous software development languages, artificial intelligence, machine learning, process instrumentation and web services, along with cloud-based technologies like Windows Azure and, which he used to deliver proprietary SaaS offerings. His leadership responsibilities have included IT operations, Infosec, Data Operations, Product Development, Sales and Customer Care.

888 222 4954

Tim Armbruster
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