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Build Trust.
Close More Loans.

Provide prospective borrowers the ability to retrieve and compare personalized mortgage rates and closing costs instantaneously. Learn their preferences and empower the way your loan officers engage and nurture prospects to generate more applications and help your business thrive.

Increase Loan Application Volumes by 20% or Higher

Fast and Easy Setup

Realize immediate ROI – Pays for Itself With Single Success

Creates Added Brand Value and Improved Market Presence


The RateSpan Experience

Borrower inputs loan preferences on a clean, single screen interface - and clicks “Get Rates”. No personal information is required.


Rates, Fees, and Closing Costs are
compiled from best-in-class sources...

RateSpan Data Warehouse.png

...and those available to the borrower are displayed in convenient card or list view

If “Apply Now” is chosen, RateSpan will do a seamless handoff to your Point of Sale system, if you have one, or route the request straight to your team.


Borrower can then review the details of loans they are interested in...

...and decide how to move forward.

Options Include:

  • Apply Now

  • Download Detail

  • Ask for Help from a Representative

Apply Now.png
Point of Sale.png


The Loan Officer can now review this information, create a plan, and engage in a more consultative discussion with the borrower.


Simple. Effective. A Game-Changer.

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 2.27.02 PM.png
A man pointing at his laptop screen

Even The Playing Field With a Modern, Digital Experience for Less Than The Cost of One Lost Loan a Month.

Typical Lender Website Experience

Borrower visits mortgage website and is invited to "Get a Rate Quote"

Traditional Stage.png

Borrower fills out an unending series of webforms asking for personal information...

...Only to
get message
to wait for a

Borrower uses wait
time to visit other
lender sites.

Eventually makes it through stack and submits request...

Once lender calls, it quickly turns into an unrelenting stream of emails, texts and phone calls
at all hours of the day.

Borrower disappears from sight (and closes with a lender offering a more tech-enabled experience).

The End.  Really.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Business Meeting

“RateSpan allows us to offer our clients an instant look at the total cost of their mortgage loan.

We are able to capture more traffic, offer consumers a transparent digital experience, and lower our cost of loan production.”

Josh Erskine, CEO, One Trust Home Loans

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